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Solvo UK Abutment

Solvo UK AbutmentSolvo UK Abutment

1.Prosthetic Emergence Profile

Together, the combined application of platform switching and concave design for the emergence profile, represent the way to increase the amount of soft tissue around implants and to promote:

  • elimination of excessive abutment pressure on gingival tissue adjacent to implants;
  • sufficient inter proximal space between implant and adjacent tooth/implant for the entry of inter proximal toothbrush;
  • elimination of excessive soft tissue blanching during abutment seating at prosthesis delivery.
Solvo UK Abutment


Grooves to easily cut the extended external lenght (9 mm) to augment cement retention and as coded-system to identify the emergence profile diameter

Solvo UK Abutment

3.Flat surface

Flat surface for “closed tray implant impression technique”

Solvo UK Abutment

4.Round internal angle

Round internal angle for zirconia restorations

Solvo UK Abutment